It was a good experience for us. We were building long distance from Cleveland so it was important to have someone we felt could do the job right for us. Everything was on schedule, even a little ahead of schedule. And we were very happy with the quality of the workmanship.

Dale and Joanne Masino

When we were looking to build our new home, we were very apprehensive. We asked around and Elite Homes was recommended…..From the time we walked through their doors we knew we were in the right place. They were courteous, friendly and knowledgeable and walked us through the whole building process. Their professionalism and love for the craft came through from the first steps of building to the closing. We have been in our home now for three years and love everything about it.


Joseph & Ida Zizwarek

We moved into our house in 2002 and have maintained a wonderful relationship with Forrest, Bobby and Pat at Elite Homes. Any problems that we encountered over the years they have taken care of them immediately. We would highly recommend Elite Homes to anyone planning to build as they build a superior home.

Bruce and Nancy Billings

When we decided to move to Ocean Ridge and build our retirement home, we only had a rough idea of what we wanted in it. We had some sketches based on various plans we had seen in magazines and other sources, but we did not have a final design – just a list of likes and dislikes.

Forrest Taylor of Elite Homes was the only builder we talked to who also had an architectural background. We selected him not only because of his reputation as a quality builder, but also because he was willing and able to work with us in the design process to put together our ideas into a firm picture of what our house eventually became. He continued to make suggestions to us throughout the building process to make sure our home was exactly what we wanted. He never told us we couldn’t do something – rather he worked with us to make sure everything we wanted was included in our home.

He completed our home on time and for the price we had agreed upon – and continues to stand behind his work. Even though it has been over 18 months since we moved into our home, he has assisted us in fixing the few problems that have arisen since the house was completed.

Frank and Dusty Burianek

Last year we hired Elite Homes to build our home. Having been involved in construction projects before, we went forward with some trepidation. Our previous building experiences were very stressful involving continuous budget issues, mistakes and poor communication. Much to our surprise and appreciation, our experience with Elite Homes was professional, courtesy and on-time.

It was a pleasure to work with Forrest Taylor, his employees and contractors. We found Forrest to be personable, creative, honest, and knowledgeable. He paid great attention to the quality and detail of his work and demanded the highest quality from his subcontractors. We were given realistic budget issues and were able to complete the project on time.

I have the utmost respect for Forrest Taylor and his company. We feel very fortunate to have found someone so genuine and so talented. We would recommend Elite Homes to anyone looking for the best builder in southeastern North Carolina.

Ernie and Laura Ward

Two years ago we decided to build our dream retirement home in Brunswick County and began the process of speaking to several premier builders in the area. We were developing waterfront property that presented numerous problems just in improving the lot itself and dealing with the various country agencies in NC during the permit process. We were living in New York and becoming increasing frustrated by one obstacle after another. Contractors we had spoken with had told us to come back once our permits were in place. We knew we had our man once we left the office of Elite Homes in Ocean Isle Beach. Forrest Taylor was immediately enthusiastic and confident, even when we were losing hope of ever getting a home built on the property. Living so far away and being stymied by one obstacle after another with the permit process, Forrest became our advocate in NC and handled all the preconstruction problems. We affectionately referred to him as “The Bulldog”.

The construction process itself was smooth and everything ran on schedule. The lines of communication with Forrest and his staff were always open and our questions immediately addressed. Forrest kept us apprised of the progress at the job site and Pat Lambros in the office “held our hands” and guided us through every selection process. Other than a couple of visits to NC, we remained in New York during the entire building process and had every confidence things were running smoothly in NC. Forrest took our original house plans and made suggestions to improve them that, to this day, we are so thankful he did. For example, he raised the ceilings, increased window sizes and suggested we install an elevator on our three-story home. He made a ground floor “bonus” room and recessed the two garages to create two covered patios. Rarely does a week go by that one of us doesn’t mention how happy we are that Forrest was in charge and improved on the original house plans. We are so grateful we selected Elite Homes to build our house.

Gary and Anne Marsden


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