If you ask around about custom homes in the area you’ll no doubt hear Elite Homes by Forrest Taylor mentioned very quickly. Their consistency and integrity for the last 25 years they’ve been in business have helped Elite Homes become on of the top custom builders in the area. In addition to the 25 year history of Elite Homes, Forrest Taylor also comes from a family of builders, instilling dedication and hard work in him from an early age. Forrest’s work ethic and attention to detail was greatly shaped by his grandfather’s advice that often times “it only takes 5 extra minutes to do it right the first time” avoiding far too common problems and mediocre results later. In addition to his wisdom and values, Forrest’s experience and degree in architectural technology have helped him design and successfully complete some incredibly unique and custom projects throughout his career.

Elite Homes has been building custom homes for the last 25 years and has had the opportunity to build many of the largest and most expensive homes in Ocean Isle Beach and across Brunswick County.

When you entrust your project to Elite Homes you can be assured that our experience and wisdom allow us to design and build any custom project you can dream!

If you’re in need of a custom project, you’ll work directly with Forrest Taylor himself for one on one communication from start to finish. As such, Forrest always completes a thorough meeting with prospective clients to everyone’s ideas and desires are compatible…this ensures that the completed project is something you are completely happy with. The end result is always most important at Elite Homes! Additionally, we guarantee you’ll receive the same care and quality of work if your project is a $100,000 family home or a multi-million dollar dream home.

We are licensed in North and South Carolina and would love the opportunity to discuss your dreams for your custom home project.



We’re glad to hear it! Call us today at (910) 579-0283 to set up an appointment with Forrest to discuss options and start brainstorming about your dream house!